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Germantown Crier, Spring 2021

Special focus edition of the Crier featuring multiple articles on 19th and early 20th century [read more...]

Germantown Crier Fall 2020

[dflip id=”10180″ ][/dflip] Because of COVID, we were unable to publish the Spring 2020 Crier. [read more...]

Germantown Crier Spring 2020

[dflip id=”10418″ ][/dflip] Since it was first published in 1949, the Germantown Crier has been [read more...]

Jewish Foster Home and Orphans Asylum of Philadelphia, spring 2010

[dflip id=”10452″ ][/dflip]   Dennis McGlinchey authors this article on the Jewish Foster Home and [read more...]

When Harlem Renaissance Came to Germantown: Negro Achievement Week April 1928, Spring 2009

[dflip id=”10448″ ][/dflip] David W. Young, PhD., former director of Cliveden, wrote this article based [read more...]

“Our Sweethearts of the North”: Civil War Portrait Photographs at the Germantown Historical Society, Spring 2007

[dflip id="10486" ][/dflip] Interesting article highlighting the images and history of some Civil War era portraits in [read more...]

Germantown Historical Society – Oral History Project

Special Series from the Fall 2006 Germantown Crier – Between the Wars: Life in Germantown [read more...]

Hood Cemetery Record Book, Fall 2003

A brief history of the ‘Hood Cemetery Record Book’ that features the entries of names [read more...]

Charlotte Cardeza Titanic Survivor Spring 1998

[dflip id=”10156″ ][/dflip] A history of Charlotte “Lottie” Wardle Drake Cardeza (aka Mrs. James Warburton [read more...]

Somersville Neighborhood of Germantown, 1993

[dflip id=”10152″ ][/dflip] An article on the neighborhood known as Somersville. It was located in [read more...]

Salvation Through the Past The Colonial Revival in Germantown Fall 1991

[dflip id=”10142″ ][/dflip] Contributed by David R. Contasta, this article describes roots of colonial revivalism [read more...]

Promises, Promises: Advertising Hits Its Stride, Summer 1991

Article featuring images of advertising from Germantown area businesses from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Slave Catcher Thwarted, Spring 1991

[dflip id=”10147″ ][/dflip] “An excerpt from the Germantown Telegraph for December 20, 1837, briefly noting [read more...]

Montier Family of Germantown -Winter 1990 1991

A highlight of Montier family members who were part of the community fabric of the [read more...]

90th Anniversary – The Site & Relic Society of Germantown Winter, 1989/90

[dflip id=”10161″ ][/dflip] A special compendium of articles from the founding of The Site & [read more...]