A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK, Johnson House Historic Site, Inc. (JHHS) is one of the few remaining Underground Railroad Stations in Philadelphia open to the public. The Johnson House was home to three generations of a Quaker family who worked with European Americans and African Americans, freed and enslaved, to abolish slavery and improve living conditions for freed African Americans.

“The struggle for freedom and social justice should be practiced every day! The Historic Germantown Consortium represents a sensible vehicle to affirm that Black Lives Matter – serving as an example of a catalyst for the change that we need today. Our history of social and racial justice serves as an example of a unique partnership—between enslaved Africans seeking freedom and the abolitionist Johnson family – it is a catalyst to inspire, uplift and empower
current and future generations to do the work to uplift black lives. Johnson House Historic Site, established its Center for Social Advocacy to represent what everyday people have done and can do to make a difference in their community and beyond every day.”

Cornelia Swinson, Executive Director, Johnson House Historic Site

march, 2024