Germantown Crier

Germantown Crier

Great & Historic Trees of Philadelphia County, March 1968

A compilation of historic trees from around Philadelphia County, featuring types, sizes and locations. By [read more...]

The Laurens by Edwin Iwanicki, September 1964

An article on the interesting history of 6043 Germantown Avenue. By Edwin Iwanicki.

Great Road Out of Philadelphia by Catharine MacFarlane May 1964

The history of Germantown Avenue (through 1964) by Catherine MacFarlane, developed from a lecture by [read more...]

The Greens of Germantown Drayton, March 1963

Article about green spaces in Germantown by Drayton S. Bryant

Early Lighting in Germantown, September 1962

Written for the September 1962 Crier, this article, by Frank E. Glace, features the history [read more...]

Johnnie Schreiber Sees the Battle of Germantown, May 1962

A brief article by Dr. Catherine MacFarlane who discovered Johnnie Schreiber while doing research on [read more...]

Kelpius and His Followers, May 1953

Written by Dr. H.V. Gummere, the eminent astronomer and scientist who died on February 9, [read more...]

Old Inns and Taverns of the Great Road June 1952

An interesting article on inns and taverns by Ernest Howard Yardley

The Rittenhouse Paper Mill and Its Founders, March and June 1952

This article was split into two parts – the first part was published in the [read more...]

The Inaugural Edition of the Germantown Crier, 1949

The first edition – Volume 1, Number 1 of the ‘Germantowne Crier’ published in January [read more...]

Site & Relic Society of Germantown Vol 2 No1, circa 1916

Early “journal” of proceedings from events held for the Site & Relic Society of Germantown [read more...]