Germantown Crier

Germantown Crier

Great & Historic Trees of Philadelphia County, March 1968

A compilation of historic trees from around Philadelphia County, featuring types, sizes and locations. By [read more...]

The Laurens by Edwin Iwanicki, September 1964

An article on the interesting history of 6043 Germantown Avenue. By Edwin Iwanicki. [read more...]

Great Road Out of Philadelphia by Catharine MacFarlane May 1964

The history of Germantown Avenue (through 1964) by Catherine MacFarlane, developed from a lecture by [read more...]

The Greens of Germantown Drayton, March 1963

Article about green spaces in Germantown by Drayton S. Bryant [read more...]

Early Lighting in Germantown, September 1962

Written for the September 1962 Crier, this article, by Frank E. Glace, features the history [read more...]

Johnnie Schreiber Sees the Battle of Germantown, May 1962

A brief article by Dr. Catherine MacFarlane who discovered Johnnie Schreiber while doing research on [read more...]

Kelpius and His Followers, May 1953

Written by Dr. H.V. Gummere, the eminent astronomer and scientist who died on February 9, [read more...]

Old Inns and Taverns of the Great Road June 1952

An interesting article on inns and taverns by Ernest Howard Yardley [read more...]

The Rittenhouse Paper Mill and Its Founders, March and June 1952

This article was split into two parts – the first part was published in the [read more...]

The Inaugural Edition of the Germantown Crier, 1949

The first edition – Volume 1, Number 1 of the ‘Germantowne Crier’ published in January [read more...]

Site & Relic Society of Germantown Vol 2 No1, circa 1916

Early “journal” of proceedings from events held for the Site & Relic Society of Germantown [read more...]