Germantown Crier

Germantown Crier

Shoe Manufacturing in Germantown in 1850: The End of the “Gentle Craft” Winter, 1989/90

[dflip id=”10464″ ][/dflip] Article by former Archivist of the Germantown Historical Society and the former [read more...]

Field to Factory Afro-American Migration – Germantown Crier Fall 1988

Highlights from a special exhibition at the Germantown Historical Society in the Fall of 1988.

Background and Circumstances of the Germantown Protest Against Slavery 1688, Summer 1988

[dflip id=”10365″ ][/dflip] Part 2 of the article featured in the Spring 1988 edition of [read more...]

Germantown 1688 Protest Against Slavery Anniversary Spring, 1988

[dflip id=”10379″ ][/dflip] <br> Highlights from the Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of the 1688 [read more...]

In Sickness and In Health: Some Highlights of Medical Practice in Germantown’s Past, circa 1987

[dflip id=”10490″ ][/dflip] An article highlighting medical practices in Germantown by Steven J. Peitzman, M.D. [read more...]

Germantown Old Time Neighborhoods, Villages and One-Man Towns: A Gazetteer, Summer 1985

[dflip id=”10395″ ][/dflip] “As the German village slowly grew into a town and then into [read more...]

Street Names in Germantown, Summer 1985

[dflip id=”10389″ ][/dflip] List of Street names from historical volumes circa 1885 and 1897

Charles Willson Peale’s Farm and Garden at Belfield, Spring 1983

[dflip id=”10295″ ][/dflip] A brief history of Belfield – the historic house once owned by [read more...]

Mount Airy in Philadelphia: A Pioneering Community, Winter 1976

[dflip id=”10190″ ][/dflip] A brief, yet interesting history of the community of Mount Airy in [read more...]

Germantown Crier – Winter 1974, Selection of Articles

[dflip id=”10410″ ][/dflip] Included here a collection of smaller articles from the Winter 1974 edition. [read more...]

Yesterday and Today, Summer 1974

“Curtis Sisco is New Owner of C.A. Rowell Department Store” By Helen M. Comly – [read more...]

Burn Pennsylvania Hall – Germantown Crier Winter 1971

Written by Margaret H. Bacon, Information Director of American Friends Service and Columnist for the [read more...]

Historical Relationship of Germantown and the Skippack, Spring 1970

[dflip id=”10305″ ][/dflip] Article by Joseph J. Peters, M.D.

The First 100 Years of YWCA of Germantown, Fall 1969

A summary history of some of the highlights of the evolution of the Young Women’s [read more...]

Christopher Saur’s Ghost Stories, Fall 1969

Excerpts from a book in the Germantown Historical Society published in Germantown in 1755 – [read more...]